Saturday, March 24, 2007

SAS and Piracy

Google has really done a great job. Imagine a future
where there won't be any software available on your pc. Your OS won't
allow you to install anything because of compatibility issues. hehe.
or it is also possible that there won't be any OS at all. You will just have firefox installed on your computer. You login using your Google id in your SAS account. It will ask you what software you want to start and you choose... let's say MS .net, high system configuration will not be needed. All you need is high speed internet connection.

Started enjoying it? Think Again Just imagine how 'dangerous' it can be for
pirates like us. hehe. You have to buy user license for it and NO, you won't
be able to share it with your frnd. You won't be able to crack it because
application will not be available on your system, only frontend will
be accessible. The big daddy of hackers may be able to hack into google server
and create a free account, but as far as novices like us are concerned they have to fish out their money. So no privacy OOPS! piracy at all. Since applications will
be used in realtime, so the number of logons will be available to the
provider and it will be able to deny access to your friend who's
trying to use the same user id.


No one will Trust you. You want to play music? Then buy it and hear it online.
That will be so cool, huh!. Everything that you do with your PC will be monitored and moderated. We will have a "crime free" world where you can't even see your faviorite movie on your PC if you didn't buy it. So should we support SAS?

Hey one more thing, The motto of Google is don't be evil. I hope they are not preaching this to us. What if they start forcing it on us. Scared??? If Microsoft is The Satan of technolgy then If Google is the christ of technology? Who wants a goodie- goodie sort of thing. We all just want to be human. Isn't it.

Hail Google!

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