Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Email Privacy




A Conversation

This is a conversation that took place between (Y) and a marketing guy(X) 

X: Which shaving cream do you use?
Y: Baba's
X: Which aftershave do you use?
Y: Baba's
X: Which deodorant do you use?
Y: Baba's
X: Which toothpaste do you use?
Y: Baba's
X: Which shampoo do you use?
Y: Baba's
X: Which socks do you use?
Y: Baba's
X (Frustrated): Okay, tell me, what is this Baba? Is it an international
Y: No, He is my roommate

Cheers to all the bachelors of the world!!!!
Married (or soon-to-get-married) guys can observe 2 minutes of silence to mourn the loss of this privilege!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dream Houses

And these are not created in photoshop.







Monday, February 25, 2008

Got a new domain :)

Now the can accessed also through our easy to remember new domain name . Yippie......

I promise that it will continue to say all sort of things in the same monotonous way. ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Romantic Pic....


Google's GrandCentral: receive calls and post voicemail with your blog

Recently Google has acquired Grandcentral. Another gem in the crown of the king. Visual Voicemail is a thing that you will adore.

With GrandCentral, a free service from Google, you can receive phone calls and post voicemails right on your blog. Though GrandCentral is currently in a private beta test, bloggers can skip the wait and get a free account immediately.


Amazed huh! But hold on if you are not in US. Its available only for US bloggers. That's why i'm not able to review it properly. But if Google has come up with something, it must be good. Lemme see that......

Webcall Button

When you add GrandCentral’s WebCall button to your blog, your readers can easily call your phone or leave voicemails without ever seeing your telephone number.
You can screen calls, either accepting them or sending them to voicemail, and you can even block unwanted callers altogether. Learn how to add a WebCall button to your blog, and try it out for yourself below:

The Voicemail Page


Your voicemail is all kept in a visual online inbox that is easy to manage. Store as many as you like for as long as you like, or post them to your blog so anyone can hear them.

Let's hope this results in another web revolution from google.

Some other sites which provide such solution(ofcourse not free) are:



Why Guys Are Liars

I know many of you will kill me for doing this but I couldn't help from publishing it. I read it and I liked it.

He met her at a party. She was so outstanding, many
guys chasing after
her, while he was so normal, nobody paid attention
to him.
At the end of the party, he invited her to have
coffee with him, she
was surprised but due to being polite, she promised.
They sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous
to say anything,
she felt uncomfortable, and she thought to herself,
"Please, let me go
Suddenly he asked the waiter, "Would you please give
me some salt? I'd
like to put it in my coffee." Everybody stared at
him, so strange! His face turned red but still, he
put the salt in his
coffee and drank it.
She asked him curiously, "Why you have this hobby?"
He replied, "When
I was a little boy, I lived near the sea, I liked
playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the
sea, just like the
taste of the salty coffee. Now every time I have the
salty coffee, I
always think of my childhood, think of my hometown,
I miss my hometown
so much, I miss my parents who are still living
there." While saying
that tears filled his eyes. She was deeply touched.
That's his true feeling, from the bottom of his
heart. A man who can tell out his homesickness, he
must be a man who
loves home, cares about home, has responsibility of
home... Then she
also started to speak, spoke about her faraway
hometown, her
childhood, her family.
That was a really nice talk, also a beautiful
beginning of their
story. They continued to date. She found that
actually he was a man who meets all her demands; he
had tolerance, was
kind hearted, warm, careful.
He was such a good person but she almost missed him!
Thanks to his
salty coffee! Then the story was just like every
beautiful love story, the princess married to the
prince, and then
they were living the happy life... And, every time
she made coffee for
him, she put some salt in the coffee, as she knew
that's the way he
liked it.
After 40 years, he passed away, left her a letter
which said, "My
dearest, please forgive me, forgive my whole life's
lie. This was the only lie I said to you---the salty
coffee. Remember
the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that
time, actually I
wanted some sugar, but I said salt. It was hard for
me to change so I
just went ahead. I never thought that could be the
start of our
communication! I tried to tell you the truth many
times in my life,
but I was
too afraid to do that, as I have promised not to lie
to you for
anything... Now I'm dying, I afraid of nothing so I
tell you the
truth, I don't like the salty coffee, what a strange
bad taste... But
I have had the salty coffee for my whole life! Since
I knew you, I
never feel sorry for anything I do for you. Having
you with me is my
biggest happiness for my whole life. If I can live
for the second
time, still want to know you and have you for my
whole life, even
though I
have to drink the salty coffee again."
Her tears made the letter totally wet. Someday,
someone asked her,
"What's the taste of salty coffee?" She replied,
"It's sweet."
Pass this to everyone because love is not to forget
but to forgive,
not to see but understand, not to hear but to
listen, not to let go
.....And they say guys are Liars;

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some of the best moments in life

* To fall in love.image
* To laugh until it hurts your stomach.image
* To find mails by the thousands when you
return from a vacation.image
* To go for a vacation to some pretty
* To listen to your favorite song in the

* To go to bed and to listen while it rains

* To leave the shower and find that the
towel is warm.image
* To clear your last exam.image
* To receive a call from someone, you don't
see a lot, but you want to.image
* A good conversation with a sweet person.image
* To find money in a pant that you haven't
used since last year . image
* To laugh at yourself looking at mirror,
making faces.:)))
* Calls at midnight that last for hours.:))
* To laugh without a reason.
* To accidentally hear somebody say
something good about you.
* To wake up and realize it is still
possible to sleep for a couple of
* To hear a song that makes you remember a
special person.
* To be part of a team.
* To watch the sunset from the hill top.
* To make new friends.
* To feel butterflies! in the stomach every
time that you see that person.
* To pass time with your best friends.
* To see people that you like, feeling
* To use a sweater of the person that you
like and find that it still
smells of their perfume.
* See an old friend again and to feel that
the things have not changed.
* To take an evening walk along the beach.
* To have somebody tell you that he/she loves you.
* To laugh .......laugh. .......and laugh
....... remembering stupid
things done with stupid friends.

...................These are the best
moments of  life....

Let us learn to cherish them.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The new Search Engine in town...

PageBull is the new Search Engine in town.... Instead of a traditional, text-based result, it returns (relatively large) screenshots of the pages in question/search, ordered on a grid. PageBull is even highlighting the search terms right in the screenshots. It's nice to see they focused on getting the visual aspect right, instead of creating yet another meta searcher which simply adds thumbnails among a multitude of other gimmicks, none of which turn out to be really helpful. This way, while this won't be a replacement to traditional, Google-style searching, it looks like a very useful tool for certain types of explorative searching.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 10 Most Intriguing Gadgets Released in December 2007



This tiny computer, weighing in at 3 kilos and measuring at 45×277x244mm, should catch your attention. The specifications are not as tiny though, as both the type of models have an inter core 2 duo processor. The price ranges from 892€ to 1041€.


9. Iphone Platinum


From the precious metal enthusiasts at Goldstriker International, you can now buy a platinum-coated iPhone for about $2,230.


8. Acquos screen


Manufactured by Sharp, this phone has a 2.8-inch Acquos screen, 240 x 400 resolution and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

7. Wallet MP3 Player (Concept)


Walletex has produced a concept MP3 player named the Wallet MP3. Wallet MP3 is supposed to be a USB flash drive-based MP3 player, the thinnest MP3 player in the world and the world’s 1st wallet friendly credit card sized MP3 Player!

6. Spy Snooper Robot


This spy snooper robot is capable of entering a room undetected and listening in on conversations and then transmitting them up to 90 feet away to the listening receiver.

5. Micro TV (Concept)


This micro TV concept design by Tokyo Fiber really is an interesting piece of gadget. It is specifically designed to impact all your senses.

4. Nokia Digital Pen


This latest Digital Pen SU-27W by Nokia can record writings and pictures from the Digital Note Book and store them in the 1.3mb built-in memory. So that later on, users can transfer the data into their telephone directory via USB or Bluetooth.

3. Fingertip Sized Cube Speakers


These tiny 1-inch cube speakers are an easy to carry alternative to your headphones. Priced at just $9.99, these speakers have an amplification rated at 0.8 Watts. Not too shabby!

2. Chocolaty Flash Drives (Concept)


These last two concept products are my favorites. This one is a bunch of USB flash drives that connect together with a central touchscreen, that lets you view and organize your files, to form the shape of a typical chocolate bar! Although it is a nice and very captivating design, its not of much use. The several smaller flash drives can get lost easily and this design is just not practical enough for the real world.

1. Sony’s Apple Remote Control (Concept)



Despite Sony's reputation for producing simple (bland) VAIO-branded electronics, this Apple-inspired remote is very sleek. Allowing users to perform basic functions like changing channels/volume/etc. with simple motion gestures. No word yet on if this concept will go into production.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bhima's son's skeleton Found By NGC

NGC India has discovered a Demonic human skeleton. It is supposed to be the one of the Mythological characters "Ghatotkacha" from the Hindu epic Mahabharat. Now this leads to questioning of the Myths of the mythologies. Are they really a myth or we just want them to be a myth.

Check these pictures out.





Strategic tips to use Stumbleupon

I should note before we start that, while StumbleUpon use is heavier in some niches than others, these principles should help you to tap into SU traffic regardless of whether you’re blogging about blogging or Mexican walking fish. SU is arguably the most powerful promotional tool niche bloggers can use.

Having a core base of active SU users who read your blog is all you need to tap into a steady stream of SU traffic. If you haven’t yet developed this core base yet, here’s what you should do:

  1. Start using StumbleUpon and voting up content from other blogs and websites in your niche.
  2. Friend those who Stumble your articles and thank them. This will start a dialog that could turn them into a loyal reader of your blog.
  3. Write about SU and encourage readers to add you as a friend.
  4. Swap Stumbles with other bloggers.
  5. Link to your SU profile on your About page.
  6. Befriend active StumbleUpon users and stumble and review some of their content if they have a blog or website. Active users command more traffic and they’re more likely to repay the favor because they’re Stumbling all the time anyway!
  7. Add a Stumble button/link under each of your posts.
  8. Add a Stumble link to your Feedflare (find it in your Feedburner control panel).
Points to review
  • When writing for StumbleUpon, focus on writing value-packed posts for your target audience. Don’t try to accommodate everyone.
  • Be mindful of the post types that tend to receive little interest on SU.
  • Remember the post types that SU loves best.
  • Practice SUO.
  • Work hard at turning active SU users into loyal readers of your blog.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crack The code

Try this!!!

A man wanted to get into his work building, but he had forgotten his code. However, he did remember five clues. These are what those clues were:

1. The fifth number plus the third number equals fourteen.

2. The fourth number is one more than the second number.

3. The first number is one less than twice the second number.

4. The second number plus the third number equals ten.

5. The sum of all five numbers is 30.

What were the five numbers and in what order?

The Real Reason Women Don't Like "Nice" Guys


Most guys know about the nice guy paradox. It’s where they’ve been told since they were young — both by women and by society in general — that women like “nice” guys. And because they’ve been told this over and over, most guys grow up trying this approach only to have reality kick them in the groin.

This bothers guys. A lot. Why would women claim to want someone who will treat them nice, but then repeatedly turn down or mistreat those that give them exactly what they claim to want? Well, I have the answer, and like most major truisms it’s pretty simple:

Women like when guys are nice to them, but only when they don’t have to be.

Think about that. Most guys exclusively using the “nice” approach are doormats, and many are so because that’s all they can be. They lack the attributes to attract a woman based on pure gravity (physical size/strength/prowess, ambition, sexuality, intelligence, money, etc.). As a result, these guys are essentially forced to grovel in order to attract a mate, which is patently unattractive.

Quite simply, women like powerful men to be nice to them, not feminized pseudo-men. A weak man being nice to a woman is essentially an act of submission, like a beggar bowing his head and calling you sir. Sure, they were respectful to you, but they just asked you for money so it’s not as meaningful as if it came from a peer or superior.

To get the true benefit of “nice” in the way that women enjoy, one has to be able to attract that same woman without being nice, i.e. by the sheer force of masculine character. Only once that foundation of primal respect is in place can the higher-order offerings such as kindness be appreciated. It’s counter-intuitive and it’s unpleasant, but we’re dealing with nature here. Don’t fight the rules. To do so is as pointless as picketing gravity or boycotting inertia.:

Google as predicted in 1964

I do enjoy looking at old predictions of the future. Eventually, the future arrives and we can compare it with the predictions.

Sometimes, the predictions are better than the reality. Sometimes, reality outpaces not only the predictions but even the dreams of the past. And sometimes, the predictions end up being pretty-much spot on.

That’s the case with a piece about the “answer machine” of the future, which appeared in the book Childcraft Volume 6: How Things Change, published by Field Enterprises Educational Corporation in 1964. (Thanks to Paleo-Future for bringing this to my attention.)

Here’s how it starts:


I think Google can handle that:


What else can our Answer Machine do for us?


A single click from Google’s first result shows us this picture:



Yep, “File | Print” does the job nicely.


The original “Mary Had A Little Lamb” recording was not kept, but we can listen to Edison re-enacting it or to an 1899 recording made on Edison’s 1878 tinfoil phonograph.


A Google Video search doesn’t disappoint, although you do need to scroll past movies about Edison Lighthouse. I especially like this movie, filmed by Edison, which demonstrates that the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Someday? I already have an answer machine that can do all those things. And if that fails, I can ask my question at Uclue. I’m feeling lucky.

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