Thursday, July 24, 2008

Review Tatasky: Active Moneysuckers

TataSky is playing a real game.Those guys are giving us the only option to buy tatasky online through indiaplaza(its pathetic). I got into there trap, I ordered tatasky through indiaplaza for 2499 bucks. I was supposed to get the 1000 bucks worth of recharge voucher free with it. But as you would have guessed it by now that I didn't. I kept on mailing/calling indiaplaza but no proper response from their side. Finally they gave me the contact of some distributer in pune(driveindia), and they were patheti"car". Today I marked a mail to my lawyer(who's my wife) and now I'm going to get legal with the guys and sooner or later it will sorted out in a right manner.

The best thing is that now you can buy tatasky through Hey isn't is run by sify??? Fooling consumer all the time.

Companies involved

other cases can be found at

DriveIndia Pune


Disclaimer:  All the defamation of tatasky is due to the act of their business partners they have suggested to their customers.


image  My Tatasky account got recharged mysteriously on 27th of July. Thanks to the one who has done it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Google Digg from firefox

All of us love Digg for its content, Google for its search capabilities and firefox for extensibility. As we all are aware that digg's search feature sucks, so we use Google to search Digg by preceding search term with ""  in Google search bar.

Here's a way that'll make firefox do it for you. It won't take much of your time but will somewhat help your searching activities on Digg.

Open the Firefox search plugins directory [generally C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins]. Create a new text file using Notepad and paste the following code:

name="Google Digg"

<input name="q" user>
<input name="sitesearch" value="">


Now save the file with a an .src extension e.g GoogleDigg.src .
Restart firefox and you are done. Now choose "Google Digg" from your search bar and Google Digg from your firefox

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Personal Website launched

Hi All, I have launched my own personal website to show my online presence. You can find it at

A Screenshot is here. Here I'm gonna say about my experience with life and technologies.



Monday, July 7, 2008

Top 5 Geek Websites

Learn how to turn your analog watch into a pong video game or take the "Geek Test" to test your geekiness. Geek humor and gadget hacks that will intrigue even non geeks.

Geeks are usually very smart people that are heavily involved in computers, science and technology, but geeks are also very complex individuals with a broad range of unusual interests. Non-geeks can learn a lot from the things that geeks are involved in, because after all, it was ubergeeks (really smart techies) that invented the modern-day computers and software that the world relies on everyday.

      Geek Of The Day

      Stop stressing and take your daily dose of geek humor and you'll probably feel better. Geek jokes, stories and pictures can be offensive to some sensitive people. So far, this site has been fun and interesting to visit.
      Hack A Day

      If you like tinkering with electronics and technology, then this site offers some very interesting information about modifying home electronics, video game consoles and much more, using simple hacks and techniques.
      Hacked Gadgets

      Here's another awesome gadget idea website. Learn about a remote control spy car or play with cornstarch and maybe if there is enough time left, then race your "ShakerRacer BlueTooth RC Cell Phone Car" around. Cool little gadgets that you can build.
      Brainy Quote

      Do you blog or routinely make rounds in your favorite forums? This website offers a vast quantity of famous quotes once spoken by world leaders, artists, writers, business leaders, scientists and a lot of other categories. Need to find that perfect quote, and then I would visit here first.

      According to the website "The eSkeletons Project website is devoted to the study of human and primate comparative anatomy." This site makes learning about bones and tissues fun. Using a unique set of digitized 2-D and 3-D full color animations visitors can get a virtual look inside the human and primate skeletons.

Bonus Site - Just For Fun: Innergeek Test

Ok, have you ever wondered, just how geeky you really are? You can stop wondering and take the Geek Test and see what you score. The test is pretty straightforward that is separated into several categories and then, you just select in each category what statement(s) describes you best. Once finished the test, then click "Rank My Geekiness" and get the results instantly. (Please note, that this is not a scientific test and is only a geeky toy).

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