Friday, August 19, 2011

Is facebook is being subverted?

Facebook has been doing a lot lately. From its android applications to video chat, they are trying to overshadow the upcoming Google+. Now the Google is ++ing everyday into the social world. It started with Google wave, which sinked into the plethora of failures, now the Google has come up with Google+.

My husband was browsing techrunch and he came across a site where you have to pay to get popular on facebook. So he registered and found out that Subvert and Profit pays upto$.50 for an operation using your social account. Although he's a great fan of PTC sites and keeps track of them, but this amazed him as he was able to accumulate $4.56 in just 4 days. I found that their are more facebook campaigns than anything else. Facebook is being used to gain money. Spammers always find a way.

I don't use PTC sites as they are complete waste of time. I can earn much more if I do a part time but he thinks it is fun.

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