Monday, March 14, 2016

Honor Killing Update

The father in law of the Dalit engineering student hacked to death in full public view on Sunday in the Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu has surrendered.

In a case of honour killing that was suspected, three guys viciously attacked the young couple, 21 -year old V Sankar and Kausalya, 19, as they emerged from a store. They had married eight months ago.

The attackers managed to escape from the place as the gory murder was watched by onlookers. India Now has got the video of the gruesome killing.

The couple was rushed to the hospital by the police where the boy lost his life, while the condition is under intensive care and of the girl stays critical.
The girl's relatives have been blamed by the boy's family for the homicide. The guy was from a lower caste while the girl belonged to the influential Thewar community.
The Tamil Nadu government has been asked to submit a report in relation to the case following a report was sought by the National Commission of Scheduled Castes on the killing.

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